Are you also dreaming of an unforgettable summer on sunny terraces? Of mini holidays in the middle of Zurich? Then continue on this way...

Above you is the wide blue sky, below you the bustling city life. This will be your summer of yoga across  the most beautiful roof terraces of  Zurich.

From Monday to Saturday, we offer you varied Summer Flows above the rooftops of the city.

The roof terraces

Josephine's Guesthouse: by women for women

This little gem is tucked away near the Stauffacher. You can expect a view of the Uetliberg, a family atmosphere - and after yoga, the best gelateria in town, the Rosso Arancio.

When? Monday & Thursday, 6.30 to 7.45 p.m.

Where? Josephine's Guesthouse,

Lutherstrasse 20 

Who? Julie, Debora, Dominique


To access:

Ring the bell from 6.15 p.m. and take the lift upstairs. These classes are a co-op with Switzerland Tourism and Josephine's Guesthouse. It is a women-only offer.

Lady's First Hotel: breathtaking, magical, sun-drenched

When the sun slowly sets and bathes the roof terrace in a magical light, everyday worries are forgotten - savasana feels like flying. And after a morning of yoga, the nearby lake beckons you to take a dip in the cool water. Men are welcome to join!

When? Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, see timetable for details

Where? Ladys First Hotel, Mainaustrasse 24

Who? Dominique, Debora, Roberta, Julie

To access:

The back door will be open 15 minutes before the class. Take the lift upstairs. Toilets are on the mainfloor.

Good to know

Rooftop essentials.

  • Please bring your own mat. We don't have extra mats on the rooftop terraces.

  • The sun can be quite strong. So pack sunscreen and sunglasses.

  • There are toilets in all our locations, but no official cloakrooms. Please arrive dressed if possible.

  • Water. Whether before, after or during the practice is up to you, but it can get hot.

Weather forecast: rain, storm and snow?

We have ordered nice weather for the summer, but if it should rain or storm, we will cancel the class. However, if we know in advance that there will be a bad weather front we offer online classes. Check our schedule.

Cancellations are always possible up to two hours before the class starts.