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The team


In her classes, Debora aims to connect body and mind through flowing movements. She encourages her students to find their individual paths and change their lives for the better through yoga.

Yoga has been part of Debora's life for over 15 years. Since 2016 she completed a 200hrs Teacher Training and Inside Flow training at Inside Yoga, as well as a Creative Sequencing training, a Teachers Upgrade training with Adam Husler and a Yin training, all at Pop Up Yoga. In 2022 Debora completed the 300hrs Advanced Teacher Training with Matt Giordano. She is also a certified Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach (400hrs).


Julie found yoga through the joy of movement – and discovered much more than that. Her practice grounds her, gives her confidence and ease. On and off the mat. She encourages her students to discover their very own version of yoga and take it into their everyday life.

Since more than 10 years Yoga is part of Julie's everyday life. In 2018 she completed a 200hrs Teacher Training with Cheryl Oliver, in 2019 a 250hrs Teacher Training at Pop Up Yoga, 2022 the 300 hrs Advanced Hatha Yoga Training with Stephen Thomas. Furthermore she is a certified Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach (400hrs).



For Dominique, yoga is a constant practice of curiosity, reflection and acceptance. Becoming flexible, not only in the body, but also in the mind with a lot of mindfulness and «loving kindness» – that's what she likes to pass on to her students.

Growing up in a family of artists, Dominique experienced a lot of space for creativity and spirituality. Since 2018 she completed her 250hrs Teacher Training at Pop Up Yoga, as well as a Teachers Upgrade Training with Adam Husler. She completed the 300hrs Advanced Hatha Yoga Training with Stephen Thomas.

​Currently Dominique is on maternity leave.


With yoga, Sam goes on a journey of discovery, consciously using her body and breath to get to know her own personality better. For her, yoga is an opportunity for further development, gratitude and pure life energy. She wants to pass on this feeling of life to others.

Sam has been practicing yoga since 2007. In April 2019 she completed the 200hrs Teacher Training with Olive Ssembuze, Yogalives, in summer 2019 she completed the 250hrs Aerial Yoga Academy Teacher Training with Melanie Stalder. In the fall of 2019 she furthered her education in Bali in various yoga styles, especially Dance Meditation has awakened her passion.



Alessia started practicing yoga a few years ago during a difficult period in her life and she wouldn't want to miss it. Yoga is her safe place. Through yoga, which she experiences as a beautiful journey inward, she has come to know herself. Passing on this valuable wisdom is a matter close to her heart. She sees the asana practice as an expansion of her own horizons. She gives her students the space to find out for themselves what yoga means to them.

Alessia has completed over 600 hours of Teacher Trainings, from Hata to Vinyasa to Yin as well as Nidra, and also meditation teacher.


Sandra understands Yoga as a way of living and lifelong discovery. Every single practice allows her to sense a small shift within herself and her surroundings. For Sandra, Yoga is a state of deep connection and inner peace. She strongly believes that from this place of union and love we transform ourselves and the world.

Sandras yogic studies include a wide range of Yoga styles. She completed different trainings (E-RYT 500) especially in Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. Sandra's classes are nourishing, strengthening, balancing and calming. She teaches a flowing and mindful Vinyasa Yoga guided by the breath.

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For Julia, yoga is like a happy place you can return to whenever you need to feel safe and accepted. This safe space is what she encourages in her yoga classes, where she likes to create strong as well as calming flows.

After stepping onto the mat for the first time over ten years ago, yoga became more and more important for Julia every year - on and off the mat. In 2022 she completed a 200hrs Teacher Training in Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga. Apart from teaching, she cherishes being a life-long student and enjoys trying different yoga styles and continuous further studying of yoga.


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